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water  /  ghost

With its thin, veil-like arms wrapped around the body of its opponent, it sinks to the ocean floor.

#592Max HP99HPMax CPcp1166

Pokémon Go Frillish

Height:~ 1.2 m
Weight:~ 33 kg

Catching Frillish

Base capture rate:0 %
Base flee rate:0 %
Found in:
Hatch from eggs:Frillish is not included in any egg in Pokémon Go.
High spawn rate:in Fog and Rainy weather

Weather effects

Boosted when: Fog   /   Rainy
Bonus:+25% stardust
+20% damage for moves


Candy:Frillish candy

Frillish Stats

Special defence:85
Special attack:65

About Pokémon Frillish

Base Exp:67
Abilities:cursed-body   /  water-absorb   /  damp
Egg groups:indeterminate
Forms switchable:No
Base happiness:70
Growth rate:Medium
Hatch counter:20
Genus:Floating Pokémon
Gender differencesYes
Gender rate:4
Capture rate:190


Evolves to:Jellicent

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Capable moves

Blizzard   /  Brine   /  Bubble   /  Bubble Beam   /  Dark Pulse   /  Dazzling Gleam   /  Energy Ball   /  Giga Drain   /  Hex   /  Hidden Power   /  Hydro Pump   /  Ice Beam   /  Icy Wind   /  Night Shade   /  Ominous Wind   /  Psychic   /  Rest   /  Scald   /  Shadow Ball   /  Sludge Bomb   /  Sludge Wave   /  Surf   /  Water Pulse   /  Waterfall


Original Unova#98
Updated Unova#180

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