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Ekans nests



In Pokémon Go, Ekans are seen most of the time in below locations. These are also called as Ekans nests where you can find and catch Ekans easily.

#23Max HP67HPMax CPcp778

Ekans nests in United States

CaliforniaArgonaut Park, 11825 Herodian Dr, Rancho Cordova
CaliforniaSandpiper Park, 11839 Appolon Dr, Rancho Cordova
CaliforniaEagles Nest Park, 95670, Rancho Cordova
FloridaEagle Lake Park, 1690 S Keene Rd, Clearwater
MarylandMoCo Agricultural Fairgrounds, Pin Oak Dr, Gaithersburg
South CarolinaGower Estates Park, 24 Evelyn Ave, Greenville

Ekans nests in United Kingdom

EnglandLeasowes Park, 4 Leasowes Ln, Halesowen

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