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Technical Machines (TMs)

Technical Machines or TMs are new devices in Pokémon Go that can be used to train Pokémon new moves. There are two types of TMs.

  1. Fast TM
  2. Charged TM

To use a TM open the Bag and select the preferred TM. Then select on which Pokémon the TM should be used. It can be used (rerolling) on any Pokémon. Also it is possible to use multiple TMs on one Pokémon. 

Fast TM

The trainer should be in over Level 15 to use a Fast TM. Fast TM trains Pokémon a new Fast Move. Always Fast TM will train the Pokémon the other obtainable fast move for the used Pokémon. 

Charged TM

The trainer should be in over Level 25 to use a Charged TM. Charged TM trains Pokémon a new Charged Move. The Pokémon will get one of the obtainable changed moves for the used Pokémon. 


TMs will not train legacy moves to Pokémon.


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