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Pokemon Go Raid Events

Below are the scheduled Pokémon Go raid events for April 2021. Stay alert and be ready to catch them all!


Raid boss:Landorus
Starts:Tuesday, April 13th, 10 AM
Ends:Tuesday, April 27th, 10 AM

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OTFKingTC   Level 30   Valor  

invite to any lvl 5 raids plzzz looking for a thunderous ? 5628 4117 8836

xMeliD   Level 28   Instinct  

Looking for Landorus raids

KLouise34   Level 27   Mystic  

Looking for a tornadus raid add me 7895 1272 0245

El fefe/   Level 37   Valor  

Jaysbutterdad is my pokemon go name looking for zangoose raids

KLouise34   Level 27   Mystic  

Looking for any mega raid

Svart3n   Level 33   Valor  

LF Rhydon Raids

Delgrafo   Level 31   Mystic  

Kangkashkan raid or any mega raid please

LaneThomasAnd   Level 35   Mystic  

Need Kangaskhan raid please

Luke1964   Level 32   Valor  

ben vaak online nodig me uit voor invallen/ raids

Rmeyerg   Level 37   Mystic  

In for it all.

philipinomaster   Level 30   Valor  

Always available for raids. Just invite me in game!

4947 5931 9763

DGuill10   Level 32   Mystic  

8491 1345 0984 add me, I dont have raquaza yet and would like to catch one