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Pokemon Go Trading and Friendships

Finally, the ability to trade your Pokémon to other Pokémon Go trainers is coming to Pokémon Go. The new trading system is based on Friendships concept.

Pokémon Go Friendships

In new Pokémon Go Friendships, a Pokémon Go trainer could send a friend request to another Pokémon Go trainer. The other Pokémon Go trainer would have ability to Approve it or Deny. The friendship between two Pokémon Go trainers has ranks Good, Great, Ultra and Best. Initial Pokémon Go friendship rank will be Good and it is possible to increase the friendship rank by battling together at raids or gyms or by sending gifts. Higher ranks of friendship will reward you extra balls when battling in a raid with the friend, and attack bonuses while defeating gyms with the friend. It is said that the best friendship level Best is not easy to accomplish. It would take months to become two Pokémon Go trainers, Best Friends. A Pokémon Go trainer could have up to 200 friends in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Trading Pokémon

The new friendship system could be used to trade Pokémon between friends. To trade a Pokémon between two Pokémon Go trainers, both should be at least in Level 10, and nearby (100m close proximity). Also there will be a cost for the Pokémon trade that needs to be paid by stardust. For example to exchange a legendary Pokémon, you will need to pay 1 million Stardust to Niantic. But this cost could go down if you are better ranked friends lower down to 40,000 Star dust.

To trade legendary or shiny Pokémon you will need to be in a high rank of friendship level in Pokémon Go. Else, your friend should not have the Pokémon you are trading in their Pokédex. This type of a Pokémon trading is called Special Trade that could only be done once a day with a friend.

Pokémon Go Trading Rewards

Trading Pokémon will reward you candy.

Pokémon Go Trading stats change

Traded Pokémon in friend's Pokédex will have a different set of stats than what it had in your Pokédex. The calculation of new stats of traded Pokémon may be based on the location it was caught and Pokémon's new destination. But this variation may be lower when trading between better ranked friends.

Sending Gifts

The new Gift Bundle item is now available at Pokéstops. This means when you spin a photo disk at a Pokéstop a gift bundle may appear sometimes which you could gift to a friend. The Gift Bundle may include standard Pokémon Go items and also 7km eggs that will contain Alolan for Pokémon.

List of Pokémon Go Trainer Codes

Click here to see a list of latest Pokémon Go trainer codes to add new Pokémon Go friends around the world.
Friend codes


kjumenbert   Level 35   Instinct  

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