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Mythical Discoveries


Catch Mew!

Professor Willow has been saying "hi" to Pokémon Go trainers and asking to contribute for new Pokémon Go researches that include new Mythical Discoveries. During these Mythical Discoveries trainers are expected to complete the Field Research to collect Stamps. After successful completion of all eight Mythical Discoveries by collecting the Stamps trainers are rewarded with

  • Stardust
  • Mystery items
  • Pokémon appears

You can access Mythical Discoveries by clicking the binocular icon in right bottom of the screen. The Field Research includes 22 challenges including catching Mew. Apart from the rewards mentioned below, completing each challenge will reward XP. Completing all 22 challenges will add 44,500 XP and 30,000 Stardust to the trainer as well.

Field Research

In each level of the Research, there is a Field Research and a Mythical Discovery. The field researches are given to trainers at Pokéstops when swiping the photo disks. Field researches are ordinary actions that a Pokémon Go trainer would usually do in the game. For example some Field researches could be fight in x number of gyms, catch x number of Pokémon, win in a raid etc. Completion of each Field Research will reward the Pokémon Go trainer with XP, Pokéballs, egg incubators, berries etc. To claim this reward the Pokémon Go trainer should open the Research Progress screen by clicking binocular icon.

Once you received the reward box in seventh step, the Field Research resets. That means you will begin a new field research with another 7 steps which may require another 7 stamps for a different set of rewards.

Mythical Discovery 1/8 completion requirements

  1. Spin 5 PokéStops - 500XP
  2. Catch 10 Pokémon - 500XP
  3. Transfer 5 Pokémon - 500XP

Mythical Discovery 1/8 rewards

  1. 10 Great Balls
  2. 1 Egg incubator
  3. 3 Lure modules

Mythical Discovery 2/8 completion requirements

  1. Earn 2 Candies walking with your buddy - 1000XP
  2. Make 10 Great Throws - 1000XP
  3. Hatch 3 Eggs - 1000XP

Mythical Discovery 2/8 rewards

  1. 2000 Stardust
  2. 3 Incense
  3. 20 Great Ball

and of cause 3000 XP

Mythical Discovery 3/8 completion requirements

  1. Reach Level 15 - 1500XP
  2. Battle in a Gym 2 times - 1500XP
  3. Battle in 2 raids- 1500XP

Mythical Discovery 3/8 rewards

  1. 1 Charge TM
  2. 1 Quick TM
  3. 2 Star Piece

Mythical Discovery 4/8 completion requirements

  1. Earn a silver Kanto medal. - 2000XP
  2. Evolve 20 Pokémon - 2000XP
  3. Earn 5 Candies walking with your buddy - 2000XP

Mythical Discovery 4/8 rewards

  1. 4000 Stardust
  2. 3 Lure Modules
  3. 20 Great Ball

Mythical Discovery 5/8 completion requirements

  1. Catch Ditto - 2500XP
  2. Make 20 Great Throws - 2500XP
  3. Catch 10 Ghost Pokémon - 2500XP

OK, this is hard. It includes catching a Ditto !

Mythical Discovery 5/8 rewards

  1. 1 Premium Raid Pass
  2. 1 Lucky Egg
  3. 15 Revive

Mythical Discovery 6/8 completion requirements

  1. Reach Level  25- 3000XP
  2. Battle 10 Raids - 3000XP
  3. Evolve a Magikarp - 3000XP

Mythical Discovery 6/8 rewards

  1. 6000 Stardust
  2. 5 Rare Candy
  3. 3 Incense

Mythical Discovery 7/8 completion requirements

  1. Catch 50 Pokémon using a Berry - 3500XP
  2. Make 1 Excellent Curve throw - 3500XP
  3. Earna Gold Kanto medal - 3500XP

Mythical Discovery 7/8 rewards

  1. 8000 Stardust
  2. 20 Ultra Ball
  3. A Mythical Pokémon Encounter

Mythical Discovery 8/8 completion requirements

  1. Catch Mew - 4000XP

Mythical Discovery 8/8 rewards

  1. 10,000 Stardust
  2. 1 Super Incubator
  3. 20 Mew Candy



Use a Magikarp!


I can’t find a buddy that will credit the 5 K walked with your buddy

A Pokémon Go Trainer    

6711 4386 7523

A Pokémon Go Trainer    

6711 4386 7523


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Add me!! <3


Go to this link. It tells you everything ditto can be. Makes it a little easier to track which Pokémon to catch. I’ve caught him three times in the last month without even thinking about it.


How the heck am i going to find a ditto?!


how to get an excellent curve


Catch Ditto:


I caught 3 today.


Been searching for months now, have not caught a Ditto for research.  Did they remove it?

A Pokémon Go Trainer    

How will i use 50 berrys and capture each pokemon


To catch a Ditto, if you already have ditto, walk with it. I found Ditto 3 times, and every time by catching Whismur.


Hmmmm help me to evolve magikarp


Sadly to evolved it too early. Start looking for magikarps :)


I have already envolved 2 magikarps can I still get credit for having a shiney and normal envolver before I reached 6/8 discovery? Or will I need to catch all 400 magikarp candies again?

whereisgian   Level 28   Instinct  

Yes, AUFSICHTRAT69, you'll need to catch another 400 and evolve it when you reach the task to evolve a magikarp.

JuliePizana   Level 28   Valor  

I found Ditto by catching Whismur too =)

Frupelan   Level 27   Valor  

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Eduardo   Level 31   Instinct  

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Mezuki94     Mystic  


Mezuki94   Level 27   Mystic  


Let's be friends!

I will try and send gifts everyday!

1960Ladybugs     Mystic  

Any tips on throwing an excellent curve ball. I seem to be stuck on that

cheliz88   Level 27   Valor  

Any cheating ways to evolve the magikarp

Zinone   Level 28   Instinct  

Add me!, let's become best friends, and exchange gifts

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Rob   Level 30   Mystic  

Let's be friends 8385-6283-2703

Wert   Level 25   Instinct  

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Devanshu Tripathi   Level 28   Mystic  

@CHELIZ88 Use an application DeFit ! You don't need to walk with that ! And its safe also.