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Pokemon Go 7km eggs

We had 2km, 5km and 10km eggs in Pokémon Go and now Niantic introduces 7km eggs to Pokémon Go which will only be included in Gift Bundles that will be found at Pokéstops. These eggs may contain Alolan forms of Pokémon. The gift bundles that may contain 7km eggs could be send to your friends in Pokémon Go using new Pokémon Go friendships system. Therefore, if you have good friends in Pokémon Go you can expect a 7km egg coming in your way hidden in a gift bundle though new friend system of Pokémon Go.

Hatch your 7km egg to find new forms of Alolan Pokémon in Pokémon Go. More information about 7km eggs in Pokémon Go will follow....

Read more about the friend system: Pokemon Go Trading and Friendships


513893430817   Level 21   Mystic  

how do i toget alolan eggs?

Jamesjohn60   Level 100   Mystic  

It's funn

The last day     Mystic  

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Rhemas68   Level 31   Valor  

how do I reset my account here?

diya25oct7   Level 116   Mystic  

hey can anybody plssssss fift me that 7 km egg

ud220   Level 25   Valor  

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COV19   Level 200  

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