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Pokémon Go friends in Rockledge

Below are the Pokémon Go trainer codes for Pokémon Go friends in Rockledge, United States.

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  • WaltPark479   Level 34   Mystic  
    2153 9013 2237 near Rockledge
    Raid Invites please. Will invite to Azelf. Alt account 870520978410  
  • wpark479   Level 40   Mystic  
    6680 7210 6034 near Rockledge
    Looking for friends in Europe and Asia for Uxie and Mesprit raid invites. Will invite to Azelf! I have multiple L40 accounts 666525006790  
  • SharonNoodl3s   Level 31   Instinct  
    2974 3129 4089 near Rockledge
    East Coast, Florida  
  • WaltPark79   Level 31   Instinct  
    8705 2097 8410 near Rockledge
    Gift regularly and raid often with 3 accts for invites.  
  • wpark79   Level 40   Mystic  
    6665 2500 6790 near Rockledge
    East coast of Florida USA. Gift regularly  

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