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Pokémon Go friends in Peru

Below are the Pokémon Go trainer codes for Pokémon Go friends in Peru, United States.

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  • HitIt2Time87   Level 35   Valor  
    5422 9963 7684 near Peru
    Invite me to raids and I will when I can. I play every day and I'm looking for steady raid groups  
  • timNdenise   Level 36   Valor  
    8182 8479 6883 near Peru
    I'm looking for raid invited if ur just looking to get gifts I send to raid invites only also add my husband he would like to join raids as well his code is 542299637684  
  • YakCarlo   Level 24   Instinct  
    1362 9445 6267 near Peru
  • karleigh255   Level 28   Mystic  
    1838 4866 3815 near Peru
    gifts and raids  
  • rya34   Level 31   Valor  
    3863 1363 0806 near Peru
    add to raid plz  

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