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Pokémon Go friends in Happy Valley

Below are the Pokémon Go trainer codes for Pokémon Go friends in Happy Valley, United States.

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  • Allixqi   Level 32   Instinct  
    0766 4565 0576 near Happy Valley
    Hi, my name is alli! I do raiding invites and I send gifts but I sometimes run out so be patient thank you, add me on discord so we can battle sometimes (iccy.alli#0091  
  • ShapeShifter65   Level 23   Valor  
    2948 5860 3800 near Happy Valley
    Play Every Day! Let's Do It!  
  • AutzenWTD   Level 44   Valor  
    0389 4851 3151 near Happy Valley  
  • ohyuneeo   Level 39   Mystic  
    4140 3925 3489 near Happy Valley  
  • Coltonlai   Level 29   Mystic  
    2854 2579 5655 near Happy Valley
    Trades, raids and gifts  

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