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Pokémon Go friends in Oud-Beijerland

Below are the Pokémon Go trainer codes for Pokémon Go friends in Oud-Beijerland, Netherlands.

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  • MitchelOBL   Level 44   Instinct  
    1718 6494 3497 near Oud-Beijerland
    Please open MY gift i send for 3000xp (good friends) please don't send request again if u already got good friends withs me thanks who openend so far  
  • Kirsten311   Level 35   Valor  
    9988 5485 9558 near Oud-Beijerland  
    Looking for Landorus for trade
  • ItsEvertV   Level 21   Instinct  
    3845 7367 3102 near Oud-Beijerland
    New -- looking to send gifts and do raids  
  • ashldydehaas   Level 36   Instinct  
    5884 3712 8294 near Oud-Beijerland

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