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Pokémon Go friends in Plüderhausen

Below are the Pokémon Go trainer codes for Pokémon Go friends in Plüderhausen, Germany.

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  • riceman1101   Level 37   Mystic  
    6875 8487 7787 near Plüderhausen
    add for XP to Level Up, Pls send Gifts  
  • Michilikeu   Level 41   Valor  
    4661 9056 4517 near Plüderhausen
    Need EP for Lvl 50. Pls help me. Pls send gifts  
  • notfallsani2022   Level 33   Valor  
    5270 9731 2266 near Plüderhausen
    Need Friends for Level 50 and I invite to Kyurem Raids. Pls send Gifts  
  • ValorMau   Level 22   Valor  
    9458 0571 9419 near Plüderhausen
    Need Friends for Level 40 pls help me. pls send Gifts  
  • xxpipxx14   Level 34   Mystic  
    4217 1392 9749 near Plüderhausen
    add for Kyurem Raids  

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