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Evolve Woobat

psychic  /  flying

Woobat evolves to Swoobat.

#527Max HP115HPMax CPcp918


Candy:Woobat candy


Evolves to:Swoobat

Evolve chain

How to evolve Woobat

Hey guys this is a video on how to evolve a wombat :) All you have to do is go to the mall at route 9 and buy around 3-4 vitamins and give them to wombat. - Adish Rao

Pokemon Gaia v3.2 - Evolving Two Woobat in one video...

One with Oblivious, the other with Insomnia... - Davy Gravy

Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Woobat evolve into Swoobat

Woobat evolves into Swoobat in Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire when finished super training regimens level woobat up by one and will evolve into ... - Danumuh

How to evolve woobat

- Giest Fafnir