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Evolve Weepinbell

grass  /  poison

Weepinbell evolves to Victreebel and evolves from Bellsprout.

#70Max HP115HPMax CPcp1475


Candy:Bellsprout candy
Walk with buddy:Weepinbell finds 1 Bellsprout candy for every 3 km.
Candies to evolve:100 Bellsprout candy.


Evolves from:Bellsprout
Evolves to:Victreebel   

How to catch weepinbell and evolve it

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. - tomas gasparik

Weepinbell evolves into Victreebel in Pokémon Sun

- A Wild Rowlet

Shiny Weepinbell Evolves to Victreebel -- Pokemon Leaf Green

Using the Leaf Stone to evolve shiny Weepinbell to a Victreebel. Also some random encounters with Victreebel to show how it looks in battle! - 8Bit Hawlucha

How to Evolve Weepinbell

Shows you how to evolve a Weepinbell with a stone. - Dan Q

Pokémon Quest: Bellsprout Evolved Into Weepinbell / Victreebel | Pokémon Evolution Tips and Guides

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