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Evolve Vigoroth


Vigoroth evolves to Slaking and evolves from Slakoth.

#288Max HP138HPMax CPcp1880


Candy:Slakoth candy


Evolves from:Slakoth
Evolves to:Slaking

Vigoroth evolve!! + 10km egg!

- MatiasArvo lol

Evolving vigoroth into a slaking in Pokemon go!!!!!☺️☺️☺️

Slaking is not a good Pokemon because his fast attack is youn 0 damage . I try to use fast tm but it is not working . Slaking is a defense tipe. - EAGLE gamer

Evolving slakoth to vigoroth to slaking pokemon go

Pokemon go evolving. - Ines Pigac

First Ever High CP Slaking spawn in the Wild! New Gen 3 POKEMON GO

A level 33 Vigoroth spawn in the wild for the first time! Which evolve into 4k CP slaking Subscribe for more: My other videos: - Unown ... - DarksidePokemon

Pokemon Emerald Evolving 2 IN 1 Vigoroth Evolving into Slaking and Wynaut into Wobbuffet!!!

Hi Youtubers, THis is MY FIRST VIDEO!!!! is my Vigoroth Evolving into Slaking & Wynaut into Wobbuffet. 1 Battle 2 Pokemon Evolve. Please ... - GameTech+

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