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Evolve Smoochum

ice  /  psychic

Smoochum evolves to Jynx.

#238Max HP83HPMax CPcp1230


Candy:Jynx candy
Walk with buddy:Smoochum finds 1 Jynx candy for every 5 km.
Candies to evolve:25 Jynx candy.


Evolves to:Jynx   

Evolve chain

Smoochum Evolves Into Jynx

Encrypted from the episode Three Jynx And A Baby. - Preston Ward Condra

Evolving Shiny Smoochum into Shiny Jynx - Pokemon Go Evolution

Evolving Shiny #Smoochum into Shiny #Jynx - Pokemon Go Evolution. - Pokemon Play TV

Live! Shiny Smoochum after THREE eggs on Alpha Sapphire (+Evolution into Jynx!)

How many times can one man say "Three"? You can see how my Living Shiny Dex is coming along here! - Some Jackass with a YouTube

95IV SMOOCHUM Evolution + Power up!! - Pokémon Go Smoochum(972) Evolution

Evolving a 95IV Smoochum in to Jynx then Powering it up! This video has made while trainer is at level 32. No pokemon were harmed in making this video. - Evolution channel

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