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Evolve Sentret


Sentret evolves to Furret.

#161Max HP67HPMax CPcp519


Candy:Sentret candy
Walk with buddy:Sentret finds 1 Sentret candy for every 1 km.


Evolves to:Furret

Evolve chain

Evolving SENTRET to FURRET (Pokemon Go GEN 2 Evolution)

Evolving SENTRET to FURRET (Pokemon Go GEN 2 Evolution) Evolving GEN 2 pokemon Sentret to Furret! Best Pokemon GO videos: ... - RaZzi

Shiny Sentret evolves into Shiny Furret! (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire)

Support me on Patreon so I can save up for a 3DS Capture Card: Check out how my Living Shiny Dex is progressing: ... - KangasKid18

Pokemon Diamond How to catch Sentret and evolve to Furret

Go to Route 202 with a big grass field use a max or super repel ( To avoid other pokemon to appear ) and start using the pokeradar until you find sentret. Sentret ... - Dindo B. Donato

Evolving shiny sentret

I evolve my shiny sentret into a shiny furret. - L4nceandRaichu20

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