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Evolve Seadra


Seadra evolves to Kingdra and evolves from Horsea.

#117Max HP99HPMax CPcp1979


Candy:Horsea candy
Walk with buddy:Seadra finds 1 Horsea candy for every 3 km.


Evolves from:Horsea
Evolves to:Kingdra

Evolve chain

100% IV Kingdra Evolved! Dragon Scale Evolution Item Used on Perfect Seadra for Gen 2 Evolve!

I used my Dragon Scale tonight on my perfect 100% IV Seadra that I evolved from a perfect 100 IV Horsea that I hatched a long time ago. I was really lucky to find ... - Jonno Plays

How to evolve Seadra into Kingdra

I hope you find this video useful if you dont know how to evolve seadra into kingdra ^^ P.S You can hear someone breathing quickly and like laughing. Is not me ... - BlackHeart

HOW TO EVOLVE SEADRA INTO KINGDRA! | Pokemon Brick Bronze #167

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