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Evolve Pupitar

rock  /  ground

Pupitar evolves to Tyranitar and evolves from Larvitar.

#247Max HP122HPMax CPcp1608


Candy:Larvitar candy
Walk with buddy:Pupitar finds 1 Larvitar candy for every 1 km.


Evolves from:Larvitar
Evolves to:Tyranitar

Pupitar evolves into tyranitar

Evolves at lvl 55. - JoeyVS !

My Shiny Pupitar Evolves into Shiny Tyranitar(LIVE) +Mega Evolution

he come from a random hoard battle with larvitars in Pokemon Y version. - Joseph Hsu

Pokémon GO Evolving 765 CP Larvitar To Tyranitar 3000+ CP (Generation 2)

Evolving Tyranitar 3000+ CP Pokemon GO Generation 2 765 CP Larvitar To Pupitar To Tyranitar Evolution Pokemon GO Tyranitar Moves Iron Tail 15/ Stone ... - Fukezu ツ

MY PUPITAR EVOLVE!!! | Roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze

YESS finally it took me like idk how many hour but it took long.. Hope you guys enjoy this video be sure to drop a like comment and subscribe! Check Out Project ... - Tini-Ri

Pupitar evolving into Tyranitar - Pokemon Diamond

Skip to 0:36 Pupitar evolves at level 55 into Tyranitar. This Pupitar comes from the Kanto Region, the 7 islands. - Press Kevin To Continue

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