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Evolve Pineco


Pineco evolves to Forretress.

#204Max HP91HPMax CPcp1045


Candy:Pineco candy
Walk with buddy:Pineco finds 1 Pineco candy for every 1 km.

Evolve chain

(Spooktober) Live on Twitch! Pineco Enountered Shiny Duskull + Evolution!

Right after "TheBeastPokeBaller" came into the chat we got Duskull number 2! One more and the evolution line is complete! Check out: "TheBeastPokeBaller" ... - ProfessorPineco

Shiny Finneon on Pokemon Omega Ruby! (DexNav) + Evolution! Shiny Route Quest!

WOW, To much Dora for Pineco! 3 More Pokemon Left!!! ARE YOU EXCITED!! This is a year in the making!! I hope all of your Pokémon Shine! Come join me on ... - ProfessorPineco