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Evolve Pidgey

normal  /  flying

Pidgey evolves to Pidgeotto.

#16Max HP75HPMax CPcp580

Faster level up with Pidgey

To evolve Pidgey, PokémonGo only needs 12 Pidgey candy. Evolving adds 500 XP and with a Lucky egg activated evolving Pidgey adds 1000 XP to the trainer. In 30 minutes roughly 50 Pidgeies can be evolved which will add 50,000 XP to the trainer in just 30 minutes.


Candy:Pidgey candy
Walk with buddy:Pidgey finds 1 Pidgey candy for every 1 km.
Candies to evolve:12 Pidgey candy.


Evolves to:Pidgeotto   

Evolving 100% IV PIDGEY to PIDGEOT (Pokemon GO Evolution)

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pidgey evolution

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