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Evolve Petilil


Petilil evolves to Lilligant.

#548Max HP83HPMax CPcp883


Candy:Petilil candy

Evolve chain

Shiny Evolution #2 - Petilil to Lilligant

Just an evolution video of my Shiny Petilil. Got her on 11/07/14 at 2163 eggs under Masuda Method. This Pokemon is just to adorable. Enjoy! Shiny Lilligant IVs ... - PKMNmasterJuice

Pokemon Brick Bronze - How to Evolve Petilil to Lilligant!

Hey Guys!This Video Shows you how to Evolve Petilil to Lilligant!In Order to Evolve it,Use a Sun Stone on Petilil and it will evolve!I Hope you guys enjoyed! - Marshmalow

Pokemon Black & White Shiny Petilil, Gligar & Sneasel Evolution!

Evolution Note: Petilil - Sun Stone - Lilligant Gligar - Razor Fang + Evolve at Night Time - Gliscor Sneasel - Razor Claw + Evolve at Night Time - Weavile Thanks ... - shinymystery

Petilil Evolving into Lilligant in Pokemon White (& Black)

I used a Sun Stone on my Petilil and this is what happened! Enjoy (: - SuperPrincessGam