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Evolve Nincada

bug  /  ground

Nincada evolves to Ninjask or Shedinja.

#290Max HP61HPMax CPcp675


Candy:Nincada candy


Evolves to:Ninjask  /  Shedinja

Pokemon Emerald - Part 17: Nincada evolves

In this part, I... - battle the other trainers on Route 117 - evolve NINSCHA! into ??? - Tastakrad

How to get Shedinja in Pokemon Emerald

in this video i show you how to get sedinja in pokemon emerald. NOTE: Shedinja appearing only when Nincada evolves into Ninjask at level 20, as long as there ... - Tarx 96

Shiny Pokemon Evolution ( Nincada, Ninjask and Shedinja)

Does a shiny pokemon stay shiny when it evolves? YES, I caught a Lv.6 Shiny Nincada that evolved into Ninjask at Lv.20. To also get Shedinja keep an open ... - NerdingOut93

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