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Evolve Metapod


Metapod evolves to Butterfree and evolves from Caterpie.

#11Max HP91HPMax CPcp419


Candy:Caterpie candy
Walk with buddy:Metapod finds 1 Caterpie candy for every 1 km.
Candies to evolve:50 Caterpie candy.


Evolves from:Caterpie
Evolves to:Butterfree   

pokemon Metapod Evolves in to butterfree Part2

from pokemon season 1. - dragon dee

Ash's Metapod Evolves Into Butterfree

Encrypted from the Pokemon: I Choose You! movie. Enjoy the video now ladies and gentlemen. - Preston Ward Condra

BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond: Metapod Evolution | Pokémon | Cartoon Network

SUBSCRIBE: Watch more Pokémon on Cartoon Network! About Pokémon: The show follows the quest of the main character, Ash Ketchum, ... - Cartoon Network

Caterpie evolving into Metapod

A bunch of Eastern Swallowtail caterpillars showed up in our garden and I got lucky enough to catch one of them transforming! - Ellarcy

MY FIRST GYM BADGE, METAPOD EVOLUTION- Pokémon Brick Bronze- Roblox [4-2]

- Time X

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