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Evolve Lombre

water  /  grass

Lombre evolves to Ludicolo and evolves from Lotad.

#271Max HP107HPMax CPcp1102


Candy:Lotad candy


Evolves from:Lotad
Evolves to:Ludicolo

Pokemon Brock's Lombre Evolves Into Ludicolo Using Water Stone!! Advance Battle In Hindi

- PokéDon

part 9-lombre evolves

i find the water stone teach lombre ice beam then evolve him....finally now he is my fav pokemon ludicolo. - ludicolomaster

Pokemon Emerald Version: How to evolve Lombre :D

terrible Editing but it took me a whole 12 min to make... haha :D simple guys, give the MOFO a water stone, it will evolve within seconds... and Yes its hacked!! i ... - Sir Aaron

Evolving Lombre

- Dragonite Hooray

Pokemon Brick Bronze - |How To Evolve Lotad To Lombre And Evolve To Ludicolo|

Welcome Back Guys! Today im showing you another quick tips! How To Evolve Lotad to Lombre and Evolve to Ludicolo! Hope you enjoy this video! Leave a like ... - JaggsVore

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