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Evolve Ledyba

bug  /  flying

Ledyba evolves to Ledian.

#165Max HP75HPMax CPcp663


Candy:Ledyba candy
Walk with buddy:Ledyba finds 1 Ledyba candy for every 1 km.


Evolves to:Ledian

Evolve chain

POKEMON SUN - Ledyba Evolves! - Part 8 - Gameplay Walkthrough (Full Let's Play)

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Evolving LEDYBA to LEDIAN (Pokemon Go GEN 2 Evolution)

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pokemon moon how to evolve ledyba into ledian

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Pokemon Emerald Ledyba Evolves To Ledian

Ledyba Evolves At Level 18 To Ledian You Can Find Ledyba At Safari Zone, Area 6 Ledyba Are Weak To : Rock, Fire, Flying, Electric, Ice Ledyba Catch Rate: ... - Hyperion Lyber HD

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