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Evolve Lampent

ghost  /  fire

Lampent evolves to Chandelure and evolves from Litwick.

#608Max HP107HPMax CPcp1522


Candy:Litwick candy


Evolves from:Litwick
Evolves to:Chandelure

How to evolve Minccino, Kirlia (To gardevoir), and Lampent. Pokemon X&Y

More evolutions! Many of you requested gardevoir when I did gallade, so here it is! - Pyro Maniack

pokemon shield how to evolve lampent into chandelure

- Hellboy Gaming

Shiny Litwick Evolves into Shiny Lampent & Chandelure

NONE OF THE POKEMON FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO ARE FOR TRADE** Sorry about the poorer quality than usual (?) I was in a bit of a hurry. Litwick evolves ... - GekkouKitsune