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Evolve Kirlia

psychic  /  fairy

Kirlia evolves to Gardevoir or Gallade and evolves from Ralts.

#281Max HP72HPMax CPcp837


Candy:Ralts candy


Evolves from:Ralts
Evolves to:Gardevoir  /  Gallade

Shiny Kirlia evolves into Shiny Gardevoir plus Mega evolution

In my Pokemon Y version I breed myself a shiny Ralts using the Masuda Method. on the 75th egg I received my prize. I have since trained it and given my Kirlia ... - andrew schirripa

Ralts Evolve to Kirlia! | Roblox | Brick Bronze

Thanks 4 watching Subscribe for more! - Sylveon Stars

My Kirlia EVOLVED!

Please share with friends and subscribe! =D hope you guys like it, im planning on making more pokemon animations in the near futre! stay tuned. - tomiatoe

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