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Evolve Frillish

water  /  ghost

Frillish evolves to Jellicent.

#592Max HP99HPMax CPcp1166


Candy:Frillish candy

Evolve chain

Shiny Evolution #4 - Frillish to Jellicent (Female)

Hatched her on my birthday, 8/04, and just now decided on evolving her. This Jellicent shall become one of my favorites. Shiny Jellicent IVs 31/24/13/31/31/31 ... - PKMNmasterJuice

Pokemon White 2 Frillish Evolves into Jellicent

All of my Pokemon are Fully Evolve Emboar,Lucario, Magnezone,Espeon,Roserade,and Jellicent hope you guys enjoy this video. - Rafael Penate

shiny frillish evolves into jellicent

Legit! shiny frillish evolves into shiny jellicent. Found at route 18 best olace for frillish hunting just surf around and it is the only pokemon that appears. - FJPtotheMAX