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Evolve Fraxure


Fraxure evolves to Haxorus and evolves from Axew.

#611Max HP116HPMax CPcp2082


Candy:Axew candy


Evolves from:Axew
Evolves to:Haxorus

Evolve chain

How to Evolve Fraxure into Haxorus - Pokemon Sword and Shield

1. Raise your Fraxure to level 48 to get this physical attack machine ! WATCH IN 1080p ! - QAPlayZ

Pokemon B&W Haxorus Evolve into Fraxure (Lv. 48) cool

Finally, there"s Haxorus. It has ridiculously high Attack. In fact, its Attack is nearly tied with the legendary Rayquaza and it"s even faster. Like Fraxure, it also ... - ancientfury88

Evolving Fraxure in to Haxorus

After all the leveling up it evolved. - Dragon Spiral Gaming