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Evolve Electabuzz


Electabuzz evolves to Electivire and evolves from Elekid.

#125Max HP115HPMax CPcp2196


Candy:Electabuzz candy
Walk with buddy:Electabuzz finds 1 Electabuzz candy for every 5 km.


Evolves from:Elekid
Evolves to:Electivire

Shiny Elekid via SOS evolves into shiny Electabuzz in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Check out Twitch for more Shiny Hunting on our regular Livestreams! Mon-Fri 6pm, Sat&Sun 1pm EST Subscribe: ... - Ryan Yags

An Evolution Solution: Electabuzz or Electivire? (ft. Ace Trainer Liam)

Apologies that the audio is slightly quiet; my PC is on its dying days. :( Today I have the great Ace Trainer Liam helping me choose whether eviolite Electabuzz ... - Ozzymitsu

Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Electabuzz evolve into Electivire

Electabuzz evolve into Electivire in Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire by trading when holds Electirizer This is my FC 0104 - 0657 - 5692 Name: ... - Danumuh

Electabuzz is Evolving (Pokemon Sun)

Electabuzz evolves into Electivire when traded while holding the Electirizer item. - Paul Scott

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