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Evolve Doduo

normal  /  flying

Doduo evolves to Dodrio.

#84Max HP67HPMax CPcp1011


Candy:Doduo candy
Walk with buddy:Doduo finds 1 Doduo candy for every 3 km.
Candies to evolve:50 Doduo candy.


Evolves to:Dodrio   

Evolve chain

Evolving Doduo into Dodrio - Pokémon Go

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Pokemon Fire Red Catching Shiny Doduo, and Evolving

Random and unexpected!! Doduo Evolves at LV 31, to Dodrio. - Hyperion Lyber HD

Pokemon Go - Evolve Doduo to Dodrio

- Alvaldo

doduo evolution

hmm yus an animation of my doduo rex and ren evovling to become rex ren and rei :3 and yus that girl is me, and that rattata is swifty he is a blue rattata (mainly ... - flightfootwarrior

Doduo evolving In to Dodrio

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