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Evolve Dewott


Dewott evolves to Samurott and evolves from Oshawott.

#502Max HP130HPMax CPcp1598


Candy:Oshawott candy


Evolves from:Oshawott
Evolves to:Samurott

Pokemon Black, Double evolving: Raw footage (Servine and Dewott)

Eh, I just remembered that both evolves at level 36 and noitced that they were both very close to level 36, so I planned to make them evolve at the same time.. - DragonUltraMaster

ROBLOX Pokemon Brick Bronze: My Dewott Evolves!

ROBLOX Pokemon Brick Bronze is a game on Roblox that is just like the game of original Pokemon. Songs all go to ROBLOX Pokemon Brick Bronze ROBLOX ... - Luna Fey