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Evolve Deerling

normal  /  grass

Deerling evolves to Sawsbuck.

#585Max HP107HPMax CPcp1012


Candy:Deerling candy

Evolve chain

How to evolve deerling! | Pokemon Brick Bronze

Thank you for watching my Video about how to evolve deerling!If you want,Ill make it easy: Deerling evolves a lvl 34 and you in pokemon Brick bronze there very ... - JD -Roblox Gameplays

How to Evolve Deerling

Leave a like and Subscribe :D. - kakashi hatake

Pokemon White - Deerling (Shikijika) evolves!

DEERLING EVOLVES AT LEVEL 34. Back sprite included,like asked in request.Hope you enjoy! - Dragonyte

Deerling evolves into Sawsbuck

Deerling (Japanese: シキジカ Shikijika) is a dual-type Normal/Grass Pokémon. It evolves into Sawsbuck starting at level 34. Deerling changes its appearance ... - profevolution