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Evolve Combusken

fire  /  fighting

Combusken evolves to Blaziken and evolves from Torchic.

#256Max HP107HPMax CPcp1473


Candy:Torchic candy


Evolves from:Torchic
Evolves to:Blaziken

Evolving Combusken into Blaziken!!!!!|| Pokemon Brick Bronze

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Pokemon - Mays Combusken Evolves into Blaziken!

Pokemon - Mays Combusken Evolves into Blaziken! Like! Sub! I Dont own This Upload only for entertainment! - XMONSTERX01

Combusken evolves into Blaziken

Combusken evolves into Blaziken and makes Team Rocket blast off! - Anpu X Anput

Evolving Torchic to Blaziken Pokemon Go | First Ever Blaziken

Torchic Evolves into Combusken and further to Blaziken which is totally lit!! - Alpha Delta Gamma

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