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Evolve Boldore


Boldore evolves to Gigalith and evolves from Roggenrola.

#525Max HP122HPMax CPcp2020


Candy:Roggenrola candy


Evolves from:Roggenrola
Evolves to:Gigalith

Shiny Roggenrolla via SOS evolves into Boldore in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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How to evolve Gurdurr and Boldore

How to evolve Gurdurr and Boldore Thanks to all my fans for helping me get 1000 views on a video. - Faux Chrome

How to evolve Boldore (Project Pokemon)

To evolve Boldore, you need a link cable stone. Leave all Ike and subscribe for more Pokemon content. Hope it helps! Link cable stone= 10000 pokedollars ... - Gette Ang