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Evolution CP and HP calculator

Get the CP and HP values after evolving Pokémon

Enter the Pokémon name and the HP and CP values before the evolving to get the new HP and CP values after the evolution. This calculator estimates your new Pokémon's CP and HP values by evaluating the current CP and HP values.

Current CP:
Current HP:  


PkmnMasterJS   Level 34   Valor  

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PkmnMasterJS   Level 34   Valor  

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Miaomiao14   Level 33   Mystic  

Cp a little below expected but still pretty good

derickl53   Level 30   Valor  

played for 5 months


The last evolution of Elekid is called Electivire.

YEAH WHERE IS SYLVEON   Level 40   Mystic  


generalsiddi10   Level 29   Instinct  

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CoolNR09   Level 24   Mystic  

The Calculator is not accurate but when it is high on the cp go in your head and put the cp a little down if it is the final evolution

Rrfgghbvgg   Level 22  

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ndharod   Level 23   Valor  


Jaycool92   Level 31   Instinct  

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PINAK VYAS   Level 40   Instinct  

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1017 6710 2338   Level 32   Valor  

Pretty accurate! ^^

M155YMISS   Level 32   Valor  

Useful tool, thanks! :)

LindaB   Level 31   Valor  

Calculator is off bij 3000 cp help at all

Calvin   Level 28   Mystic  

Not accurate. Evolved pokemon turned out 75cp under what it was supposed to be.

1eshDL   Level 32  

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Sasi 7652 0707 6448   Level 28   Instinct  

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Pantsthedog   Level 28   Mystic  

Expected CP 3255, got CP 2785. Expected 249 HP, got 162 HP. This was a 214 CP Magikarp with 66 HP originally, being evolved into a Gyarados. I'm sure there is another calculator out there that is a bit more accurate.

JhiinsooDesu 3937 4031 5535   Level 23  

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Khalzard   Level 27   Mystic  

3561 1294 6971


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dadajihai   Level 25   Mystic  

Hi is this accurate . According to this my 166 cp magicarp evolves into 2500 above cp

0566 5492 5512   Level 26   Mystic  

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Swagsta420   Level 30   Valor  

Calculated CP for a 183 CP and 62 Feebas. Expected: 2512 Actual: 2071. WTF?!

JRmonk79   Level 28   Valor  

3828 1010 3493


Brockyboy1229   Level 24   Valor  

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Dezordius   Level 20   Instinct  

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Static1236   Level 25   Mystic  

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Emperormighty   Level 20   Instinct  

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Jackal1106   Level 27   Mystic  

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Daniel16293   Level 23   Instinct  

Most accurate calculator I have seen.

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BubbleBuddyL   Level 23  

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xKingDubstepz   Level 25   Mystic  

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xKingDubstepz   Level 24   Mystic  

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xKingDubstepz   Level 24   Mystic  

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ManouDog   Level 27   Mystic  


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MaLiK0120   Level 21   Instinct  

Can anybody help me in this game i dont now how its works

627465842814   Level 31   Valor  

Calculator estimated my metagross to have 161 hp and 3652 cp, turns out i really got 3388 cp and 152 hp. pokegenie seems more accurate...

5952 9525 1031   Level 25   Valor  

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Krabbymaster07AKAAdityacIyo   Level 49  

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Daniel andleah   Level 29   Mystic  

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6fy7w   Level 46  

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pokemon fan   Level 29  

pokemon go is a great time to play around this time and also to evolve the pokemons too.